No Moo in 92' and Cattle Free by 93'

Park Rangers 

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Those were the slogan's they used! Funny that this all started in 94'


Bandit Star Idaho

Bandit at Star Idaho trial 2013


Ryan & Marlene Poe

Ryan & Marlene Poe moving cows up the canyon



Mia on the 6X6 after feeding some cows


First Snow 2013

"Man are we glad to see you!"


Luke Sunset


Killer Instinct

 Sunset Dog

Sunset Corral

End of Day

Why I don't live in the city

 Bandit at branding

Bandit and the horses taking a break at branding 

  Hitching a Ride 

Hitching A Ride


Morning Feed

Bandit Mia 

Cruising Around

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